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The Birth of a Writer--Tabitha Bird

What would I know about myself if I was only One and not One of Many?
Would I know simple things still? My height. My hair color. My skin. All the
same. Nothing changes.

What about my character?
Would I understand the length and breadth of myself if other people didn't
provide someone to rise above or someone to strive towards?

What about the degree of my own ability or depravity?
Would I understand the depth of my capacity for both light and darkness, to
both illuminate and drown out, if there were no other voices to be heard?
Would I ever be all I could be?
Would such a question even matter, you may ask?
They matter. Because there are others, those questions matter.

I am not who I am only in relationship to myself, yet I needed to find me in
the silence of skillful listening to the One who created me and the true
whispers of self.

This is where my writing began. In the ashes of desperation. In the ache of
needing to be heard after an abusive past. My writing grew as a way to share
myself with myself. To get to know the woman trapped within. The words
blossomed into many things. A yet to be birthed memoir. The woman within who
I am constantly embracing and revealing. And a blog.

No one writes on the pages of life in a tunnel of isolation. Those around me
constantly shape my words.  It matters what I know about me when I am in
company and it matters what I know about me when company is gone. How well I
understand the depth and length, the day and night of my very being becomes
my life's song. The steps I will take. The words I will write. And
ultimately the me I will birth.

It matters that I see myself through clear eyes. That is why a musician is
never heard without an audience. A soul never unwrapped outside intimacy
with another and a life never lived unless you hold plenty of hands along
the way. And a writer is never anything without a reader.

My blog THROUGH MY EYES is a place for me to be seen, but more importantly,
it has become place for me to see. My writing has become a place to hold
more hands in life and be blessed by those who join with me. It is my way to
clear my vision in regards to myself and the joy of living.  On my blog a
writer was born at the end of herself.
"Just when the caterpillar thought her world had ended she turned into a
butterfly." ~ Proverb

And now I want to share my inspiration in the big and the little. Life, in
all its glorious mess. THROUGH MY EYES shares my vision of hope. No darkness
was ever so dense that God's light cannot shine.
It is my dream that you might take something of what you find on the blog
and write big bold words of HOPE and INSPIRATION across your own life. I
pray you do.

Tabitha's writing has also appeared in Footprints magazine, 5X5 literary, HomeLife
USA and Parenting Express.


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