Eastgate College— Queensland’s newest Christian Tertiary Arts College—
has been threatened with the closure of their campus and needing to find new premises, just one year after operations began.

Eastgate, set on beautiful Prince Henry Drive overlooking the Toowoomba Ranges and the Lockyer Valley, offers an ideal residential satellite campus for various Christian tertiary colleges and universities in Australia. Eastgate offers classical academics with certificate, diploma, Grad Dip., Masters and Doctorates as a Distance Education Centre through Tabor College, Vision College, as well as courses from a variety of creative arts colleges.

As well as academic skills including a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, the courses include Christian Worldview studies, practical life skills including Permaculture, Talent Development, Discipleship and Character Mentoring. Courses range from Vocational and Tertiary Youth Development preparation, Music, Musical Theatre, Acting, Dance, Art, English Literature and Journalism, Communication, Media, Radio, Film and TV to Theology, Christian Ministry and Counselling. The college also offers scholarships of up to $10,000 through their Deductible Gift Recipient Fund or through a work exchange scheme.

The founder, Bruce McNeice, has been actively involved in bringing the Christian message to secular Toowoomba for many years, first as the founder of a Christian homeschool support network, as a co-ordinator of Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Creative Interactivity Project, and then director of the Talent Development Centre.

The vision for the college was thirteen years in the making. This was Eastgate College’s first year of operation, so a huge amount of time and energy had gone into establishing it, only to be told in the last month that his lease had ended and the property would possibly be sold, unless Bruce could come up with the purchase price.

If you support Christian education in any way, you can show your support now and help prevent imminent closure. They must find new premises.

Here is a sample of the Creative Writing Courses offered:-

Creative Writing (Specialisation options subjects)
5310.4 Writing and Directing for Theatre [6]
6110.4 Creative Writing and the Christian Context [6]
6312.4 Creative Writing: Prose Fiction [6]
6311.4 Creative Writing: Poetry [6]
6221.4 Writing for Children [6]
6401.4 Editing and Publishing for Writers [6]
6421.4 Special Creative Writing Elective [6]
6423.4 Directed Study Project in Creative Writing [12]
5245.4 Literature and Christian Faith [6]
6321.4 Fantasy Literature and the Christian Tradition [6

Contact Bruce at Eastgate College, 118 Prince Henry Drive, TOOWOOMBA Q 4350 or call 0412036396. E-mail:
On Saturday February 19th, Paula Vince, Omega Writers author, will be running a fun workshop at the SA Writer’s Centre entitled, “How to make your novel a page turner.”
It will run from 10am to 1pm at the Writer’s Centre, 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide. The fee is payable to SA Writer’s Centre and it is $55 for members and $77 for non-members. Contact them on (08) 8223 7662 or

Here is a run-down of the workshop.

How to make your novel a page turner.
We want readers to come to the end of each of our chapters and say, “I need to read just one more.” We want to hear that we have kept people awake well beyond midnight. This workshop will look at effective but surprisingly uncomplicated techniques to add suspense, mystery and drama to our stories. We’ll cover jump-starting your imagination, creating believable characters and getting the most out of your plot. We’ll also look at what comprises a strong beginning and satisfying ending.


The Faithwriters Conference was a success. I was disappointed not be able to present due to illness, but I hope to see you all at a future conference.

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