Sunday, January 9, 2011

Respite in the Redlands

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If you are experiencing floods our heart goes out to you. If you live near the Redlands and want a few hours respite, the next few days offers an amazing treat for the writer and art lover. The 1850’s converted home--once the Brighton Hotel, now the Grand View—houses an inspirational tour through time with the art works of Leo Herreygers.
You can sit in the upstairs sunroom and lounge, soaking up the old world ambience with a coffee and see Leo’s extraordinary surrealist spiritual tour of world history all around you. This is a free tour. Don't miss out on a chance to see the scene painter for Expo 88, QPAC, The Queensland Theatre Company, the Myer Christmas Windows, the Rocky Horror Show, The Twelfth Night Theatre, The Queensland Youth Ballet, Suncorp Theatre, to name a few.

Leo answered a few questions for us here:

What inspires you to paint?

I can get inspired by the smallest thing like a piece of rag hanging from a wire...but mainly i get inspired by historical events and human reactions to those events.

What do you find is your biggest struggle as an artist?

Recognition, and the battle with minimalist contemporary decorative art.

What are the themes running through your work?

History, religion and personal views.

How do you do your work and what medium do you use?

I have an easel that my father made for me[he was a fine artist] and i paint onto anything from board to canvas and use acrylic, oil and enamel paints on their own or combined.

Tell us about your favorite piece.

As I finish a new piece it becomes my favorite for the time being but from all my work I think' Gabriel' has the greater message, equality—which is something I believe in greatly--and our connection with the almighty.

You can contact Leo at

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  1. Interesting to hear how an artist works. Thanks for the insights.