Friday, November 26, 2010

The Game--Inspirational Historical Romance award winner

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Amanda won the fiction category of the new CALEB Inspirational Award. Congratulations, Amanda! I loved editing your book and share in your thrill at the award!

What got you into historical fiction as a genre?

I have always loved this genre. I find it fascinating to learn about history at the same time as being entertained by a storyline.

What did you do previously that was grist for your mill as a writer?

I always loved making up stories as a child. I have read hundreds of books over the years, and as an adult, particularly historical romance. That naturally led to wanting to write that kind of story.

How did you go about your research?

Some research I did online, but it is not always reliable. I borrowed library books on Australian architecture, horses, fashion history, Sydney history and social history. I researched information on church history in Australia. I also went to a few historical places to get a feel for them. There are so many aspects of life I needed to be sure of!

How do you see the Australian publishing industry now?

To be honest, I don't know a lot about the Australian publishing industry. Unlike many other authors I did not spend years and years submitting manuscripts, which probably would give a great deal of learning. So, I feel like a newbie and as such I am just learning what is 'out there'. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given, however, and I am sure other authors would find the same opportunities.

Amanda, your story is somewhat unique. But then The Game is a unique novel.

Do you have any tips for historical fiction writers?

Read. Read history books and learn your period well. Read journals and letters written by real people who lived in that time. Read other novels set in that period too, which give you a good feel for the setting.

Are there any programs or events you would recommend to budding authors?

Go to writers conferences. There is so much to be learned by others with more experience. Join a writers' group like FaithWriters, where you can hone your craft and have others critique your work.

What would you say is the most important message to help a new writer gain publication?

Firstly, work hard on improving your craft. Get lots of feedback on your work, and not just from family and friends. Then it is a matter of being persistent and not giving up. A rejection letter does not mean the end.

What are the themes running through your work?

I love to show the grace of God at work through my writing. And romance...I am a sucker for a good romance.

Tell us something about The Game.

The Game is an historical romance set in the 1840s in the Sydney/Paramatta area. My leading man, Jack Fordham, thinks that love is a game. Unfortunately he has to learn that it is not a game—the hard way. Many readers have told me how they have fallen for this loveable rogue--that's the kind of guy he is. But, the woman he has his eye on will not have a bar of him because he doesn't share her faith. Poor Jack! You will have to read The Game to see how his story unravels and whether he gets the girl in the end or not.

Thanks, Amanda. We look forward to the next book!

Amanda's book is available through Arkhouse Press at



  1. Thanks Amanda for mixing the two - romance and revealing God. After all, God pursues us with passion and romance! The Game sounds like an amazing novel - congratulations!

  2. Hello Wendy, Amanda'a book sounds just the kind of story women can't wait to read and can't stand to put down until its finished. Thats our inquisitive nature, we have to know!
    I used to frequent and paint in Parramatta Park where the old Governmwnt house is. It's like stepping back through time as you pass between the old gate arch. Letting the imagination take control you visualise women strolling with parasols and children riding on penny fathings and in dog carts.I picture this Jack as a dashing Ozzie version of Clark Gable.
    Now I have talked myself into reading the book.
    God Bless Amanda and I pray the book is a wonderful success for you.

  3. Thanks. I love how God pursues us with passion and romance. I am working on a novel in which I try to depict just that. A bit of work yet on it though. Thanks for the encouragement. Amanda.

  4. Amanda, I'd love to read your book. I've written six novels that take place in Australia--I'm an American, but I love your country, which is made up of good, hearty people.

    Many blessings to you and continued success.


  5. Got this for my wife at the Word Writers Fair. She just started reading it and after a few chapters can't put it down. She says it is everything you hope from a romantic novel! I'll have to post her final verdict!

  6. I gave this book to my wife after the Word Writer's Fair and she couldn't put it down last night but stayed up to 2am to finish it! She says it is excellent, a real page turner and very well written. Well done Amanda.

  7. Great, Paul. I forgot to mention that The Game is available from Light the Dark as well as Arkhouse Press:-)

  8. Thanks Bonnie. I've started reading your Sydney Cove series. Really enjoying it so far. God bless. :)

  9. Hi Paul. I'm so glad your wife enjoyed my book. I think your Car Park parables are great & I loved your puppetry at the CALEB awards night. :)