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As Black from White by Sally Graham

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Sally Graham and her husband Dave won the non-fiction section of the CALEB award for 2010 for As Black from White with Sally as writer and Dave as editor. Sally’s remarkable story of conversion from an international drug dealer intent on murder to a Christian is told here. Sally, what a story!

At what point did you decide you would have to write this story down?

I have been a Christian now for 15 years and had shared my story at testimony nights and the like but after marrying Dave, God began to speak to us about writing a book. On a leadership camp I promised God that if three people said I should write a book during our weekend away I would. By the end of the first night it was decided.

How did your family and friends react when you made it public?

Once Dave and I had the final draft in our hands we did a final check before God that this was the thing to do. My story is quite confronting and we did need to check some legal aspects before our publisher would agree to handle it.
Our families have been surprisingly supportive and encouraging. They are very proud of the book and its ability to bring hope to others.

What are you passionate about?

My passion is to communicate the love of Christ to others and that they might know that no situation is beyond the touch of Jesus. God does not have a "too hard basket".
I pray that many will come to know God through our lives and understand that not only are they called but also planned and purposed. God has gifted everyone with a purpose.

What do you find is your biggest struggle as an author and how do you overcome it?

It took three years to write As Black from White. It was very cathartic and involved a lot of prayer for God’s guidance. I needed Him to stretch me to include some things I did not want to share publicly , but God reminded me that he would use those things to set others free.
Just sitting down and writing at all was tough at times, but I had a lovely prayerful friend who over those three years would gently inquire "How’s the book going, Sal?" Her encouragement helped me finish.

Do you ever experience self doubt?

Self doubt is part of the human condition. I think I have learnt to keep going anyway. Make the big decisions when you are in a good place and stick to them no matter what your feeling at those times of doubt. If you need to revise, do it when you are feeling good and share your thoughts with someone else who can give an outward perspective. Self doubt doesn’t go away but I have learnt to see it for what it is. The more I have pressed through those times the more I learn that self doubt often has no basis in reality. Get inspiration and guidance from those who are doing it well in your area.

What are the themes running through your work?

As a counsellor , I have always loved to watch people .
As Black from White is my autobiography but I am working on another book of testimonies and a second book about recovery and the Christian journey.
My style is raw, gritty and honest. I like to peel back the layers and get real about our humanity.

Can you recommend other biographies that have inspired you?

Samantha Jackel tells her story passionatly and honestly in My Purple Pants.
Bronwen Healy's self published work Trophy of Grace encouraged me to see self publishing as a viable option.
Both are modern day stories of God’s healing and restoration in Australia today!

Tell us something about the book.

"As Black from White " is the story of Gods Damascus road intervention in my life as I set out one day intent on committing murder.
Life with Jesus has transformed my world from international drug dealer to Christian counsellor ,now working for Prison Fellowship here in South Australia.
The book outlines the dark past of my life and how we walked through the darkness into his light.

Where can we buy it?

As Black from White can be ordered online at

Thanks for telling your remarkable story:-)



  1. Just read As Black from White - so inspirational!!!!

  2. Congrats on your award Sally. It was wonderful to be able to share that evening with you. I haven't read your story yet, but it is definitely on my list! God bless. Amanda.

  3. Great to hear how God changes lives. I was sure I had commented before but it never showed up.
    Anyway, hope it does well, Sally.

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Dale. There wasn't any comment there by you, so Blogger must have been offline when you made the comment.

  5. Sounds like an amazing story Sally has written. We serve a great God, who can and does change lives.