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Mothering Heights--Keitha Smith and Sue Brereton

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Liz Shelton is our guest blogger today. Liz has a book review on the winner of the Mom's Choice Awards for 2010 : Mothering Heights by Keitha Smith and Sue Brereton. Thanks, Liz.


Smith, K. and Brereton, S. 2009. Mothering Heights, Judson Press, Valley Forge PA.
The subtitle of this book is A novel approach for Christian Mothers. The book is beautifully structured and easy to read with each chapter using applicable quotes from classic novels to highlight the content of that particular chapter--novels such as Treasure Island, Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice for instance. One chapter deals with the assumptions we make, some of them false, leading to trouble. Other chapters deal with the servant nature of Jesus or the need for fellowship with God’s people.
In the Introduction the authors talk about ‘intentional motherhood.’ They say that an intentional mother is a mother who is aware of the value and purpose of being a mother. A mother who uses biblical principles as the foundation for bringing up children. I was very impressed by the statement that an intentional mother knows that being a mother is a relationship, not just a task. This introduction leads to the chapters covering different aspects of our relationship with God and people and how this helps us be mothers fulfilling God’s purpose.
At the end of each chapter there are some questions in the section called ‘Bringing Wisdom to Life’. Not to be used as a test, but to make us think about our own views and beliefs about the subject of the chapter.
And in the chapter called 'Sense and Sensibility' there are some lists of hints and tips gathered from the authors and a group of mothers from their personal experiences over the years.
This book was a surprise; not what I expected at all. I didn’t find lists of hints and tips for getting children dressed, fed and tidied in time to be dropped at school. Or how to lead your children to the Lord. In fact, you don’t find very much about how to handle children at all. What you do find is mostly all about YOU the mother, and your relationship with God.
I feel that the approach taken by the authors of talking about our relationship with God first, as the most important aspect of our lives both as people and as mothers is certainly getting our priorities right. Because when we are right with God our relationships with our families and other people work better.

Liz Shelton

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  1. I have this book too, and appreciate the highly creative approach to parenting within the pages.

  2. We all need a little help with parenting. I say the more parenting books the better, and this has a new approach. Well done, ladies.